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Who is Ralph Dewey?

Biographical Information about Ralph Dewey

Ralph Dewey has been called "America's Balloon Twister" because of his balloon art, creativity and industry leadership for more than three decades.  Dewey has been active in the art of balloon sculpturing since 1975.  His first balloon book, Dewey’s New Balloon Animals, was published in 1976.  Since that time, he has authored 15 balloon books.  He has also written dozens of magazine articles on balloon twisting, balloon ministry, clowning and similar topics.  They have appeared in, Clown Alley, Clowning Around, The Calliope, Clown Impact Newsletter, Laugh*Makers, The Christian Conjurer, The Cross and The Clown and Church Recreation Magazine.  He has also been featured in Balloon Magic, The Magazine.  Dewey has appeared on The Swan’s Place TV show and also a Daystar network program called Hide The Word In Your Heart Club.  He has lectured at T&Jam, Twist and Shout, DiamondJam and at the Millennium Jam in Belgium.  In 2004, he received the “Life Time of Sharing” award presented at the Millennium Jam.  For about seven years he has written a monthly balloon column for Balloon HQ.  Several times he has presented balloon lecture tours in Europe.  He was one of the first pioneers in the area of gospel balloons, and is well known as a leader in the art of balloon sculpturing.  In addition to books on balloons, he has also written books on gospel chalk talks, gospel clown skits, gospel paper tricks, clown clip art, clown comedy and gospel juggling.  

To date, Dewey has published a total of 29 books and 7 DVDs.  He has earned five “Best Balloon Lecture” awards from the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  His talents also include cartooning, puppetry, comedy emcee, magic and juggling.  He regularly uses balloons in his child evangelism ministry.  He is often seen lecturing at conventions and teaching workshops.  He has been a staff instructor at many clown camps.  Ralph originated the “Joey to the World” gospel clown convention, the DewJam Balloon Convention and Kingdom Twisters.  Twice Dewey has been a room designer for Balloon Manor.  In 2005, Dewey was given the very first David Grist Memorial Award.  In 2004 Dewey originated his Balloon Excellence Awards designed to recognize and encourage talented twisters throughout the world.  So each year he presents these awards to deserving balloon professionals. In 2008, Dewey created the first Twister Think Tank held in Houston, TX.  Dewey gives God the full credit for his success.

Ralph Dewey is the founder of the League of Extraordinary Balloon Artists (LEBA).

The goal of LEBA is to preserve and promote the traditions and techniques of their balloon forefathers.

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