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Note: Beginning balloon artists should start with book #B101 (Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpturing Course), #260QS balloons, #A23 pump, and #A13 pen. If you have medical problems, check with your doctor before trying to inflate balloons by mouth.
Note that some balloons are packaged in 100 count, 144 count and 250 count bags.

Keep balloons away from eyes. Do not give balloons to babies or kids under six years old. Balloons may be harmful or cause choking if swallowed.

QUALATEX #260 PENCIL BALLOONS 100 count bags

When inflated, will measure 2" X 60".  A quality balloon for sculpturing animals, decorations, hats and lots more.  This is the leading balloon used by clowns and entertainers. 

(#260QS)  Standard color assortment - $7.00 per bag

(#260QC) Carnival color assortment - $7.00 per bag

(#260QN) Neon color assortment - $7.50 per bag

The following solid colors are $7.50 per 100 count bag. 

#260QRed, #260QWhite, #260QBlack, #260QPink, #260QSpringLilac, #260QGoldenrod, #260QLimeGreen, #260QBlue  (dark),  #260QOrange,  #260QYellow

(#260QC250)  250 count bags of #260Q Carnival balloon assortment - $16.50 per bag.


QUALATEX #160 SPAGHETTI BALLOONS 100 count bags.  These measure 1 X 60 when fully inflated.

(#160QS) Standard color assortment - $6.50 per bag

When available, solid color #160Q balloons are $6.50 per 100 count bag

QUALATEX #321 BEE BODY BALLOONS 100 count bags.  A short 3" diameter balloon with a colored pointed end.  Good for making apples, bees, penguins & other sculptures.

(#321QS) Standard color assortment - $7.00 per bag

(#350QS) QUALATEX #350Q BALLOONS 100 count bags.  Assorted color 3 X 50 airship balloons.  $10.00 per bag

6 Inch Heart Balloons (Qualatex) 100 count bags

(#6HZWH)  White                                                                   $8.00

(#6HZRD)   Red                                                                         $8.00

(#6HZPK)    Pink                                                                        $ 8.00

(#6HZJCRN)  Carnival Assortment                                          $8.00

(#6HZWRP)  Assortment of White, Red & Pink                       $8.00

#A13 BALLOON MARKING PEN ($1.00/each)  Black permanent marker for balloon faces, etc.

#A10 SQUEEZE BULB PUMP ($4.50/each)
Hand pump designed for the #160QS spaghetti balloon, and can be used for #260QS balloons.

A pocket sized plastic pump. It has a nozzle primarily for  #160  but with effort also the #260 balloons.

#A15 DOUBLE-ACTION PUMP ($6.00/each)

A medium sized plastic hand pump for inflating the #260 or #321 balloons.

 Balloon Twister T-Shirts, Item # C30, $16.00 each. Sizes are: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Royal blue short sleeve shirt (50% cotton & 50% polyester) with colorful balloon dog graphic on the front.  The shirt was designed by Ralph Dewey.   Now we have XXL at $18.00, XXXL at $20.00 and XXXXL at $22.00.  Please specify your size and see if we have your size in stock because we are discontinuing them.


#C01 BALLOON TWISTER PATCH ($6.00/each)  Colorful embroidery patch.

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without notice.


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