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BALLOON TWISTER ORIGINS  Dewey's Balloon History book is here after more than four years in development.  He has devoted a lot of time, money and research in order to bring you this first, comprehensive  balloon history book.  Enjoy the photos (many of them in color), stories, interesting facts and surprises.  The book contains information on early balloon manufacturing;  weird, wacky & wonderful balloon tidbits; compilation of balloon "Firsts"; early balloon performers; profiles of many of the main early balloon twisters; plus some vintage graphics and advertisements.  If you love balloons, you'll enjoy reading and owning this extraordinary book.

Order Balloon Twister Origins from Dewey's Good News Balloons.  The price for this unique 8-1/2" by 11" book is $24.95 plus Priority Mail shipping of $5.95 for customers in the USA.  The total is $30.90 for each book. 

Texas customers will need to add Texas state sales tax of $2.39 for a total of $33.29. 

Foreign customers, please email Dewey at to determine the shipping charges for your country. 


Call Monday through Saturday between 10am through 6pm CST to place your order.  Phone number: 281-479-2759

For more information or if you have questions, email Dewey at:


NEW! #D08, Dewey's Latest Restaurant Balloons (76 minutes)  By Ralph Dewey $35.00 retail:  Contains the Seal with ball, Simple Helicopter, #260 Ray gun, #260 spider, Quick Clown, Glove to Shark, Nessie Hat,

Ghost with Hex Nut, Bear Claws, #160 Brontosaurus, Red Robot Man, Walrus/Rabbit, Saxophone, Dolphin, Longhorn Hat, Snake Shimmy and Kissing Sweethearts.


NEW! #D09, Dewey's Wonderful Balloons (79 minutes)  By Ralph Dewey $35.00 retail: Contains a Ride Inside Helicopter, Steggie Hat, Flying Super Hero, Little Chopper Motorcycle, T-Rex, 5-Heart Flower, Crab and the Double Quad Face design.


         #B02 DEWEY'S GOSPEL PAPER TRICKS #2 ($6.00)
This Gospel book has plenty of new ideas, tricks and effects. If you liked the first paper tricks book, you'll like this one too.

Dewey's Balloon Twisting School

Ralph Dewey, master balloon artist, now offers balloon twisting instructions.  The school schedule, content and duration can be adjusted to fit your needs.  Call Dewey at (281) 479-2759 between 10AM and 5PM CST Monday through Friday to discuss options and for a price quote.


         Balloon Twister Patch
         #C01 BALLOON TWISTER PATCH ($6.00/each)  Colorful embroidery patch.


         Gospel Clown Patch
         #C91 GOSPEL CLOWN PATCH ($6.00/each)  Colorful embroidery patch.


The next Joey To The World Convention will be in the Dallas area.
Visit their web page for more information.




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