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NEW! #D08, Dewey's Latest Restaurant Balloons (76 minutes)  By Ralph Dewey $35.00 retail:  Contains the Seal with ball, Simple Helicopter, #260 Ray gun, #260 spider, Quick Clown, Glove to Shark, Nessie Hat,

Ghost with Hex Nut, Bear Claws, #160 Brontosaurus, Red Robot Man, Walrus/Rabbit, Saxophone, Dolphin, Longhorn Hat, Snake Shimmy and Kissing Sweethearts.

NEW! #D09, Dewey's Wonderful Balloons (79 minutes)  By Ralph Dewey $35.00 retail: Contains a Ride Inside Helicopter, Steggie Hat, Flying Super Hero, Little Chopper Motorcycle, T-Rex, 5-Heart Flower, Crab and the Double Quad Face design.

#DO7 Dewey's Restaurant Balloons (66 minutes) $35.00: This DVD contains mostly quick and easy creations for intermediate twisters.  Learn to make: Easy Cat, Quick Race Car, Sedan, White Dove, Quick Duck, Dumbbell and muscles, Hex Nut Party Favors, Snake with rattle, Easy Angel, Light Bulb, Easy Frog hat, Pop Gun, Monkey Climbs Tree, Playable Banjo, #160 Butterfly hat, Quick Reindeer hat, Simple Santa hat, Granny Knot hat, Antenna hat, Goose Egg hat, Penguin, Double Bitted Axe.

 #D06, Dewey's: Born To Twist (142 minute DVD) By Ralph Dewey $35.00: Contains mostly intermediate level creations. Learn to make the Bug-Eyed Spider, the Red Bird, the Frog, the Mini-Bike, the Saxophone, Helicopter with a pilot, the Spider-like Man, the Devil, the Excalibur Sword, the Black Duck, the Vulture and the Race Car with driver.

#D05 Dewey's Hat Factory Ralph Dewey ($35.00) The 93 minute DVD contains the Ghost hat, the Clown Face hat, the King's Crown, the Jumping Frog hat, the Tiara with jewels, the Bug hat, the Cow hat, the Elephant hat, the Snorkel hat, the Walrus hat, the Mouse head hat, the Statue of Liberty hat and Torch.

#D01, Dewey's Balloon Jamboree (73 minute DVD) By Ralph Dewey $35.00:  It contains a Peg-Leg Pirate with a Parrot, a Helicopter with Motorized Blades, A Lady in Red, "Rudy" Reindeer Hat, Pelican with Fish, Bird Nest with Baby Bird in Egg and a dolphin.  Same content as video #V04 but with some new bonus footage.

#D02, Dewey's Basic Balloon Animals (62 minute DVD)  By Ralph Dewey $35.00:  Contains information for a beginner. It teaches you how to make a dog, giraffe, mouse, tulip, bee, apple, penguin, heart, butterfly, hat, cross/sword, alligator, fish, flower, parrot and swan.  It has the same content as video #V03 plus some new bonus footage.

#D04, Dewey's Advanced Balloon Animals (73 minute DVD) By Ralph Dewey $35.00:  Contains the Bicycle, Buzz Danger the Space Ranger, the Roaring Tiger, the Hound Dog (Hook Twist), the Frog (Hook Twist) and Goofus.  It has the same contents as video #V02 plus some new bonus footage.


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